Almost There!

Today our Article 5 was picked up!!!! Very few people will know what that means. I don’t really know what that means, but I know it means we will have our travel approval in a matter of days!!! We should be on an airplane in less than 3 weeks!!! Can you believe it?!?!

We are done with new fundraisers, but we have one fundraiser still open. There are still some puzzle pieces that need sponsors! The only thing left to cover is Adia’s plane tickets (1 flight in country then home!). That’s just under $1500. I cannot believe it! We are so close! Let me know if you want to help us literally get our girl home!



A big THANK YOU! & an update

Thanks to so many generous people were able to raise over $2000 at the Auction for Adia! That is HUGE!! & that means we only have about $4000 left to come up with. We are floored! & we are so thankful for the incredible generosity of so many and the provision that God has so graciously brought us! We have no doubt that we are going to come out of this adoption debt free and able to use our income to pay for Adia’s medical expenses rather than paying back debt. & we have sooooo many people and a huge God to thank for that!

[UPDATE: So, I never claimed to be good at math. Apparently I missed $1600 somewhere… The auction total was just over $2800!!!!! And we are now down to needing only $2400 in order to be fully funded… this includes a few other donations that we just received!!]

Just to update you on where we’re at in the process… We had a bit of a hiccup with our immigration approval not getting sent out when it was supposed to, so we were delayed about 10 days, but God is so faithful and we are trusting His timing. And even with that we are looking at a departure day in about 4 weeks. GULP! We are incredibly excited! Today we received our visas so we are ready to go! Our paperwork is back in China for the final review and approval. Then we will be given a court date at our Consulate in Guangzhou  and can set our travel arrangements.

It’s getting real, people! Keep praying for provision, for peace in the last days, and that Adia’s heart would be prepared for her forever family.

Are hearts are full as we anticipate welcoming this beautiful, happy girl into the Shradar family

Moving right along

Last week I spent my time trying to figure out what was happening with our adoption paperwork. I spent 8 days trying to get information from our government officer with no luck & no sense of what our timeline was… Well, now I know! I got the call back this morning saying, “oh yeah, I approved your immigration documents 6 days ago”. Argh!!! So now we scramble again to get the next batch of paperwork done.

It is looking almost certain that we will be heading out to get our daughter mid August. People! That is barely more than a month away. & there is still so much to do & $6000 to raise! That is why you must do some shopping this weekend (bidding starts Thursday!) at our auction!

We are ecstatic and overwhelmed! So thankful that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness and that He is GOOD all the time!

Getting so close!

It is getting real folks!! We are about 8 weeks from meeting our baby girl! It’s starting to feel real… and a bit overwhelming!

Right now we are waiting on final approval from the US to bring Adia home. And while we wait we are getting our travel visas, packing, figuring out what we will need when we get home, planning one more FUNdraiser, and trying to enjoy summer vacation as a family. I have about 6 different list going right now!

Our last big fundraiser is an online auction. Some amazing people have been generous in donating some really fun items that we will be auctioning for a fraction of their original prices. So, you should plan on being there to do some serious shopping!

Auction for Adia

I am already posting some items so head on over to  and check them out! But you won’t be able to bid on them unto 9am Thursday, July 7. We are very hopeful that this will get us closer to being fully funded. We only need $6000 to be fully funded!! If you can’t join us for the auction but still want to help, you can always donate at

We are in awe of God’s faithfulness to bring us this far in the journey! We cannot wait to get Adia home!!


Crib Skirts and Cloud Pillows…

Most of the adoption process is completely different that being pregnant. But then there are those things that are exactly the same. Like the impatient waiting, difficulty agreeing on a name and… nesting. We are in the place in this process where there is nothing to do but wait… So what do I do during this time to keep myself sane? I figure out how to make crib skirts and cloud pillows.

But now that I’m done, I have to find some other project to keep myself busy during the endless waiting. I figure I have close to 4 months of waiting to go. Ugh!