What a week

A week ago Tuesday evening I took Adia into Urgent Care because she seemed to be having a difficult time breathing. She had a cold that, with her Ehlers-Danlos and CP, I was afraid she wasn’t able to fight it as well as the other kids. Urgent Care called an ambulance and had her transferred to the ER and eventually admitted to the hospital for almost 6 days. It was a lot of sleepless nights and beeping… endless beeping. It still rings in my ears.

We posted cute pictures of her smiling and singing, but she wasn’t always happy. There were many moments of fear, frustration and sadness. file_000-2

But through it all she was amazing and God thoroughly sustained us. We are so thankful for wonderful friends that were so helpful, the prayers of so many of you and the amazing group of medical professionals that took care of us.

They finally let us go home on Sunday and we had 1 full day free of hospital visits before our eldest child fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her elbow. Back we went to the ER. She is handling it well, but the reality that she now has 2 months of a full arm cast on her right arm is pretty tough on a 1st grader.

It has been a crazy, difficult week but we are so thankful for God’s mercies in so many little ways. We are thankful that Adia’s lung infection wasn’t worse. We are thankful that we were able to find moments of joy in a miserable situation. As adoptive parents, we were thankful for opportunities to really bond with Adia. And we are incredibly thankful Iona’s break won’t require any surgery.


CP, EDS and many other things…

Adia has been part of this crazy family for just over 1 month. It’s so hard to believe. She has grown and changed so much. We have so very much to be thankful for!

I’m sorry the updates have been few and far between. I hope this gives you an idea how you can rejoice with us and how you can be praying for us.

Adia is getting stronger every day. She is working very hard to crawl, sits up a lot more and is learning what it means to be part of a family. She smiles and laughs the majority of the time and often acts like a normal 2 year old (which we count as a blessing!!). We have no doubt this little girl will continue to amaze us at every turn!

We knew from day 1 there would be a lot of unknowns with her health. A few weeks before traveling, Adia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy affecting her left side. We still don’t know the extent of how this will effect her, but we know there are a lot of things we can do to help her become as mobile and self sufficient as possible.

We were a little more surprised by her new diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Specifically, Adia has the Kyphoscoliosis type. Basically this is why she has weak muscle tone and loose joints. But it is also why she bruises and her skin tears very easily.

Her situation is a bit complex, but we have an awesome pediatrician that is familiar with EDS and CP and she already has us lined up to see several specialists (11 to be exact). So we have our work cut out for us just scheduling and making it to all these appointments. It will be so good to know more about her conditions and how we can best help her.

We are so in love with our little girl. We know God has an incredible plan for her life, and we are so blessed He has chosen us to be her forever family. Thank you for your prayers! Keep them coming!!


Tomorrow we board a plane headed for our baby girl! It is surreal. I am incredibly excited and, at the same time, a bit terrified. We will leave as the parents of 2 and return with a third human that we are responsible for… one that hasn’t spent the past 9 months listening to my voice and heartbeat. I think of how terrifying that would be for her. Being handed to strangers that look and sound strange. I have been praying so much for her little heart.

Many of you have been asking how you can pray specifically while we’re traveling and meeting Adia. Here are a few things that I can think of. Pray that…

  • travel to all of our destinations in China is smooth and safe.
  • all of us would be healthy.
  • Iona and Ewen have a sweet time with Nana & Papa at home.
  • Adia would grieve well, quickly attach to us, and not be fearful.
  • we would quickly attach to Adia and learn how to best care for her.
  • all our hearts would be knit together as a family… for the transition to a family of 5.
  • we would be a picture of the gospel to those around us.

Thank you for journeying with us and praying for our family. It is the greatest gift you could give us!!!

10 Day Countdown… & Fully Funded!

On August 25th Jonathan and I will be wheels up and on our way to get our baby girl!! It is unbelievable! & could never happen without your love, support and, most importantly, prayers!

Today I deposited the last of the funds we need to make this all happen. FRIENDS, we are FULLY FUNDED!!!!!

We are incredibly thankful! It means so much that a group of kids had a lemonade stand to raise money for Adia… that our extended family would take up a collection and surprise us at the family reunion… that SO many people gave so sacrificially. This little girl is loved far more than she will ever know! We truly cannot say thank you enough!!! To God be the glory for all He has done!


Getting so close!

It is getting real folks!! We are about 8 weeks from meeting our baby girl! It’s starting to feel real… and a bit overwhelming!

Right now we are waiting on final approval from the US to bring Adia home. And while we wait we are getting our travel visas, packing, figuring out what we will need when we get home, planning one more FUNdraiser, and trying to enjoy summer vacation as a family. I have about 6 different list going right now!

Our last big fundraiser is an online auction. Some amazing people have been generous in donating some really fun items that we will be auctioning for a fraction of their original prices. So, you should plan on being there to do some serious shopping!

Auction for Adia

I am already posting some items so head on over to www.AuctionForAdia.wordpress.com  and check them out! But you won’t be able to bid on them unto 9am Thursday, July 7. We are very hopeful that this will get us closer to being fully funded. We only need $6000 to be fully funded!! If you can’t join us for the auction but still want to help, you can always donate at www.adopttogether.org/shradar.

We are in awe of God’s faithfulness to bring us this far in the journey! We cannot wait to get Adia home!!


Unexpected Providence

Today I had one of the coolest God moments of my life! Why am I always so amazed when He comes through in astounding ways?!

This morning I posted Adia’s picture in a facebook group for people adopting from the orphanage Adia is in. I wanted to see if, by some miracle, anyone had come across her or, if they were soon traveling, would want to look in on her for us. It was a very LONG shot.

In my wildest dreams I never expected what came next… I got a private message from a gal who said they had spent 2 months considering Adia’s file only to give it back because there were too many unknowns. They had spent 2 months gathering information, pictures and videos. Today she shared them all with me with gratitude for taking in this baby that they fell in love with but could not bring home. The information and videos are still about 8 months old, but we have a better picture of what our baby girl is facing. Today we got to hear her laugh and coo for the first time. It did this mama’s heart good!

It really was a miracle that I will always cherish!