Wordless Wednesday

Gospel with flesh


T-Shirt FUNdraiser

We are so excited about this t-shirt fundraiser! Not only do you get a really great shirt, but you help us bring home our little girl. Lots of sizes and styles to choose from! Check it out HERE


Dwelling on Faithfulness

When things are out of my control I am prone to worry. And if you have followed this adoption journey at all you know that there are a whole lot of issues that are out of my control… like when I told you our home study was done. Well… I spoke too soon. We had to go back and re-submit a document. So maybe it will be done this week.

But even in that, God has had a perfect plan. You see, until yesterday we weren’t able to pay for the next phase of the adoption. God showed his faithfulness when I doubted his timing.

And he showed his faithfulness in His provision. At just the right time He provided what we needed. In my head I know I can always trust his timing and provision. I just wish I could get my heart to believe it all the time too. He has proven his faithfulness to me over and over… and over and over again. Why do I doubt? Why do I worry?

I am so thankful for those around me that point me back to the reality of the Gospel; that remind me of God’s never changing character and unwavering faithfulness… even when I have only a mustard-seed worth of faith. And I am so thankful for those that sacrifice so much to be part of the work God is doing to bring our girl home. I am so humbled.

What encourages you when you are having trouble believing in your heart what you know to be true about God? A verse? A song?… Let me know.