1 month post surgery

IMG_0922Tomorrow marks 1 month since Adia had bilateral hip surgery. And I can tell you with certainty that God answers prayers!

It is so hard for a parent to watch the doctors wheel their child back to the OR. But Adia was a champ and the surgery seems to have been a success.

Just before going back for surgery the doctor made the statement that is was possible, but not likely, they would be able to put her in a foam bolster rather than a full body spica cast. So this is what we prayed diligently for. Her fragile skin would never survived a cast. And God answered!!! She came out of surgery with a bolster that, like a cast, had to stay on 24/7 for 6 to 8 weeks. IMG_0942They said she was so well nourished that her bones were strong and this was a great option. What?! This girl that was starving just over a year ago?!

Adia’s pain level was pretty bad the first 2 days, but on day 3 she seemed to turn a corner and got to go home 2 days earlier than expected! And within 8 days she was off all pain meds (including Tylenol)! I always tell people she got her pain tolerance from her great-grandma!


Yesterday she had her 4 week post op appointment and was given the ok to take the bolster off. After only 4 weeks!! She will continue to wear a brace at night for the next 6 weeks, but is otherwise free to start getting back to normal as her stiff, weak legs will allow (as long as she doesn’t do anything that could cause her to fall).

We are in awe of what our Great God has done for our baby girl!! She is the strongest little girl I know!!! Just check out these before and after x-rays!



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