Preparing for hip surgery

A couple months ago we received the hard news that Adia would need surgery on both hips. A combination of her Cerebral Palsy and Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome have caused her hips to come nearly our of their sockets. If that were to happen, the pain would be terrible. In most cases this would be a one & done surgery, but her EDS will most likely cause this to be a fairly regular occurrence throughout her life. That is the hardest thing to swallow in all of this.

The surgery has been looming in the distance since that appointment, but now the day is almost here. Early Tuesday morning they will wheel our girl back to the OR and get to work “fixing” her hips. It will include lengthening tendons and cutting the bones to fit back in the sockets. That sounds terrible, right?! Then, after all that, she will be put in a spica cast from her chest down to her shin bones. And there she will remain for about 8 weeks.

I am so thankful we have the technology to correct issues like this. I am so thankful for doctors that know what they are doing and care for our children’s well-being, but I HATE that she has to endure all this! Today she is smiling and happy, not knowing what next week holds. It will be so hard on her! It will be so hard on us, her caretakers. But I have to believe it will all be worth it. I have to believe this will help her on her way to walking!

Will you pray with us for healing! For the surgeon’s hands, for pain management, for quick recovery and for sanity as she is immobile for so long. We have a long daunting road ahead of us. But we thank the Lord for His faithfulness and that He loves our girl even more than we do.