6 months!

file_000-3It is impossible to believe this little girl has been a Shradar for 6 months! And on the other hand… has it only been 6 months?!

I have spent a lot of time recently reflecting on how far Adia has come. She truly amazes me. Here are a few things that leave me in awe of God and what he has done for this baby girl. In six months Adia has grown an inch and gained more than 4 pounds! She has gone from an emaciated tall baby to a healthy taller baby. Even her hair has grown into a cute almost pixie-like do.

Six months ago Adia could barely hold her head up. She could sometimes sit by herself and she would roll over if she really wanted something. Today she crawls, runs in her walker and would spend all day on her feet if she had the ankle strength to balance.

She came to us eating only 3 infant formula bottles a day. She was literally starving. Today she eats almost anything we put in front of her. She has learned to chew and swallow solid foods, and she very proficiently uses a spoon and fork.

Adia has always been a good communicator. If nothing else she’d give us a look that told us exactly what she was thinking. But now, beyond the looks, she uses several signs and says about 15-20 words without prompting. She says things like help, up, night-night, outside, Jones (the dog’s name), George (for Curious George), hurt, bear (her favorite stuffie), water, shoe, shirt, sock, diaper, all done, and of course “no”. And just yesterday she said “help you” (she meant “help me”), but it was her first sentence. This girl truly blows me away!

One of the biggest fears for adopting parents is that their child won’t bond well with them. That was a concern of ours too but, by the grace of God, Adia has done so well! She seems to be very well adjusted, prefers her mama and acts like a 2 year old (its not often I would consider that a good thing, ha!). Every once in a while she shows us we still have a bit of work to do but on the whole we are thanking the Lord for they ways He has drawn us together.

And then there are some things about this girl that haven’t changed from day one… That captivating smile, her fierce determination, her ability to melt your heart (or put you in your place) with a look, and her love for life that astounds us all.

Adopting this little girl was the best things we have ever done. All of our children are an incredible gift from God. Adia is no exception. The past six months have been an amazing adventure. We cannot imagine life without our Adia Grace!

If you haven’t see her in her element you should watch this!



One thought on “6 months!

  1. Nancy Wilson

    Finally got a chance to catch up on your posts, (thanks to your mom’s reminder), and my smile is ear to ear. What an amazing progress this beautiful child has made since joining your family. Can’t wait to see how she progresses from here. And love your red haired songstress! 🙂


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