A little love makes all the difference

I have no doubt that Adia was as cared for as she could be before we got our hands on her. I can understand why her care takers were so worried about her. She was failing to thrive on all levels. But now… 5 months later… she is THRIVING. It is amazing what love and attention can do. 5 months ago this little girl was starving on only 3 infant bottles a day. She could barely hold her head up and worked very hard to scoot on her back to get what she wanted a few feet away. 5 months ago we wondered if she would make it.

Today we wonder just how far this spunky girl can go. She has overcome so much. She is walking with her walker (& there is nothing to suggest she won’t be running free some day). She is eating almost anything we put in front of her. She is starting to talk. And (maybe most importantly) she is bonding extremely well. This girl has come so far and she is not even close to being done. God is so good! I marvel at what He has done with that scared baby girl and I can’t wait to see where her full potential leads her.

This week Adia got her new walker and is running all over the back yard with it. We aren’t supposed to let her stand too much until she gets braces for her legs, but you tell me how I’m supposed to keep that 2 year old down! She was fitted for the braces, so now we have to go through insurance approval and have them made, which will be a month at least.

She also had an MRI done on her brain and spine. The results for her spine are very promising. She only has a slight curve that will need to be monitored. This was one of the biggest concerns when we got her so this is amazing news. Her brain shows damage to both sides, but predominantly the right side, which is all very consistent with the weak left side. And the results suggest maybe she was a preemie, though we will never know for sure. The MRI doesn’t change anything, but it does give us a little clearer picture of what’s going on.

With all Adia’s therapies, specialists, community programs… we have appointments most days of the week. This is our new normal… this is our new life and we love it… we all love her. Adia Grace was aptly named… She truly is a Gracious Gift from God.


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