What a week

A week ago Tuesday evening I took Adia into Urgent Care because she seemed to be having a difficult time breathing. She had a cold that, with her Ehlers-Danlos and CP, I was afraid she wasn’t able to fight it as well as the other kids. Urgent Care called an ambulance and had her transferred to the ER and eventually admitted to the hospital for almost 6 days. It was a lot of sleepless nights and beeping… endless beeping. It still rings in my ears.

We posted cute pictures of her smiling and singing, but she wasn’t always happy. There were many moments of fear, frustration and sadness. file_000-2

But through it all she was amazing and God thoroughly sustained us. We are so thankful for wonderful friends that were so helpful, the prayers of so many of you and the amazing group of medical professionals that took care of us.

They finally let us go home on Sunday and we had 1 full day free of hospital visits before our eldest child fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her elbow. Back we went to the ER. She is handling it well, but the reality that she now has 2 months of a full arm cast on her right arm is pretty tough on a 1st grader.

It has been a crazy, difficult week but we are so thankful for God’s mercies in so many little ways. We are thankful that Adia’s lung infection wasn’t worse. We are thankful that we were able to find moments of joy in a miserable situation. As adoptive parents, we were thankful for opportunities to really bond with Adia. And we are incredibly thankful Iona’s break won’t require any surgery.


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