Unexpected Providence

Today I had one of the coolest God moments of my life! Why am I always so amazed when He comes through in astounding ways?!

This morning I posted Adia’s picture in a facebook group for people adopting from the orphanage Adia is in. I wanted to see if, by some miracle, anyone had come across her or, if they were soon traveling, would want to look in on her for us. It was a very LONG shot.

In my wildest dreams I never expected what came next… I got a private message from a gal who said they had spent 2 months considering Adia’s file only to give it back because there were too many unknowns. They had spent 2 months gathering information, pictures and videos. Today she shared them all with me with gratitude for taking in this baby that they fell in love with but could not bring home. The information and videos are still about 8 months old, but we have a better picture of what our baby girl is facing. Today we got to hear her laugh and coo for the first time. It did this mama’s heart good!

It really was a miracle that I will always cherish!


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