Yard Sale FUNdraiser… Done!

After months of gathering donations and piling them in our garage, we finally had our yard sale this weekend. & it poured! When does it ever rain in Southern California?! I mean, aren’t we in a drought?! But we persevered! And I’m so glad we did! The first day we were able to raise over $1300!!!!! Then added more than $700 the next day! With that and the more expensive things we were able to sell online, we made $2925!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People, that’s $75 less than $3000!!!! We are speechless!!! I know God provided the rain this weekend especially for us. It caused most of the other sales to shut down leaving only ours to visit. He really is good all the time.

This would have never been possible without the almost 20 families that donated to our sale!!!! And the incredible friends that helped us price and sell everything! And those that made baked goods for Iona to sell. We are beyond grateful for you all!!! We have been blessed with an amazing Church family!

There are so many people writing posts about how to have a successful yard sale… My advise is to let people help. Our crew really came through for us!! We can never repay them for that!


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