Process update…

I haven’t been sharing a whole lot lately, because there really isn’t a whole lot to share. We are in the waiting phase. We take a small step forward and wait, take a small step & wait some more. A little over a week ago we FINALLY got our immigration approval, which felt like a huge victory.

The documents that make up our dossier (which include every imaginable bit of information about our lives) have been authenticated and we are just waiting for this immigration document to come back from the consulate. Then the dossier will be shipped off to China!

Once that happens we will wait for the officials in China to Log-in our information, review it and give us a Letter of acceptance for Adia Grace. Then its back to US immigration for final approval. Once that happens we can start the visa process. And wait for Article 5 (which is final approval for everything). This will allow us to get our travel approval and consulate appointment. As soon as we know when that appointment is, we will set up travel arrangements to get our girl!

From this point we are probably looking at about 5 more months of waiting. It is agonizing!!! But with each new milestone, we are one step closer to our girl!

To help with the wait, we are focusing on gathering the last bit of the funds we will need. God has been so faithful and you all have been so generous. All we have left to come up with now is our travel and orphanage costs (about $10,000). Woohoo!!

And we are begging for an update on our girl. Hopefully I will have that to share with you all! (& maybe some adorable pictures to go with it?!?!)

Pray for patience!! It is so hard to wait.



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