Letter of Intent

A lot can happen in only a few days. One week ago toady I asked a simple question of our adoption case worker that is turning out to be life changing. “Is it a bad idea to look at waiting child lists?” You see, I had already spotted that baby girl with the infectious smile and knew we had an incredibly slim chance to get any information about her, much less get her!

To make this long roller coaster of a story shorter… we were able to get a hold of her file which gave us very few answers. It was outdated, incomplete and contradictory. But God gave us an amazing sense of peace about the laundry list of her special needs and all the unknowns.

The organization she was with wasn’t able to give her file to our organization. But her file was headed back to the big shared list 3 days from then. So we waited… hoping and praying her file would be found and locked in by our organization (another tall order). Monday morning we woke with great anticipation only to learn that there had been no news from our In-Country rep about if she got the file. Our case worker warned us that this most likely meant they were unable to get her file. I thought I was prepared for that, but apparently not. I was so sad all day. By the end of it I was finally able to rejoice for the family that was able to secure her file.

& then there was Tuesday… We got word at 6am that we needed to call in as soon as we were able. Our case worker was delighted to have been wrong. They had her file!!!! & if we wanted her, we had 48 hours to submit a Letter of Intent. So, that’s where we are. Letter of Intent submitted! Now we wait for a pre-approval!

God has been so good to us! Our girl has a smile that would melt anyone’s heart and the cutest chubby cheeks and almond eyes. She turns 2 next month. We apologize that we can’t share pictures yet.

Thanks for rejoicing with us! Pray that we are approved (in about 2 weeks)!!!


A new donation option

Because of the support of so many of you, we are more than half way to having the funds we need to bring our girl home!!! We cannot say thank you enough!

I don’t want to inundate you with fundraising posts but wanted to be sure to update you on a new, tax-deductible donation option we were finally able to set up.

Now that we are done with our home study we have the opportunity to use a crowd-funding site that is specifically for adoptive families. So, if you have the desire to support us in this adoption, this may be a great option!

Check it out at adopttogether.org/shradar or click the Adopt Together button on this page.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Praying today

Every day we pray for our Baby Grace. We have never seen her face or held her in our arms, but, in our hearts, she’s ours. But there are days that she is even more heavily on our hearts. Today is one of those days. Will you consider taking a minute to pray for our girl today? I know she could use it!

Pray for her heart. Pray that, when there is no one to hold her when she is scared, she would feel her Heavenly Father holding her. Pray that she will not feel abandoned and alone. Pray for joy and pray for loving, caring hands to hold her today in our place.

We know that prayer makes all the difference. That’s why we ask for them and can’t thank you enough for joining us in that today!