Pieces of our heart

Our home study is finally done! We will get the final document any day now! So we are on to immigration documents and our dossier (which is a huge packet of information that will be sent to China for them to approve and use to match us with a child).

So, to celebrate, we are starting a new puzzle. Isn’t it so cute!! We are ready to fill it up with your names!


As with our last puzzle, for $5 per piece, you can sponsor a piece of our adoption puzzle. We will write your name on the back of your piece(s) and add it to the puzzle. Once all of the pieces have sponsors, we’ll glue them together and frame it. We want this little girl to be able to see the people who loved and prayed for her before she was even here. There are 252 pieces that need sponsors! Want a piece… or 5? Contact us (link either on the right side of this page, or near the bottom of your phone or tablet) to get our address and send money via mail or click the “donate” button (also on the right/bottom) to donate via PayPal.

Will you consider being a piece of the puzzle? We are incredibly grateful!

We are truly blown away by the generosity of so many! There are no words of thanks that are adequate. We have come a long way… yet we still have a long way to go. That is why we continue to ask for your help. Please don’t ever feel an obligation, but if the Lord leads you to help us financially maybe this is the right opportunity for you.


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