Thank you for getting us this far

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve filled you in on where we’re at. We are in the midst of our home study and have our (hopefully) final interviews this weekend (thanks for praying!). Once that is done and we get all our paperwork in, our social worker will write everything up and submit it. It is our goal to be totally done with this stage by mid to late January.

Financially, we have been blessed beyond measure. We see God’s provision in so many big ways. We are INCREDIBLY blessed by those that have given to help us bring our girl home! It blesses me to tears almost every time I get a check in the mail or a donation online… like when I got the check from another family that is in the adoption process too! … or when we just had a huge bill for this home study, didn’t have the money to pay for it and got the very generous donation for the wreath fundraiser the day that bill was due allowing us to write that check… EACH and EVERY one of your pennies has been a gift to us.

That doesn’t mean we are going to stop giving you opportunities to support us. We still have a LONG way to go and more large bills on the horizon. What I do know? God is going to provide. Of that I am absolutely certain. THANK YOU for the ways you are involved in His work on our behalf (financially & prayerfully)!


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