It’s a Family Thing

Shradar 39

While we were considering adoption Jonathan & I talked a lot with our families wanting to be sure we had their full support. This journey is going to be hard, but I can’t imagine how much harder it would be without our parents and siblings there to support us at every turn.

It is a team effort and I am so INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for the team of amazing friends and family that have come along side us. We are truly blessed!

Specifically, I am thankful for the day when we were taking family pictures with my parents and, while we were at it, wanted to also capture a few of us announcing our adoption. My mom said, almost with tears, “We want to be in some of the pictures too. She will be our granddaughter!” Mom, you don’t know how much that blessed me.

& the day my Mother-in-law gave her soon-to-be-granddaughter a name. She said, “I just wanted you to know that today as I prayed for our new baby girl, I couldn’t pray for ‘future grandchild’ anymore, I had to give her a name. So for now she’s Baby Grace, I hope that’s alright with you.” It is more than alright! That may not be her forever name, but it is perfect.

So, it’s a family thing, this adoption journey. & I am so very thankful for that!


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