Contracts and Cash

It is my turn to finally post something on this journal of our journey of adoption. Finally! It is mind-blowing that in some length of time we will welcome a new member to our little family. Someone we are not used to in person but are used to praying for. The joys and struggles that are ahead are well chronicled by others but not fully anticipated until they are lived out. It is an adventure. The kind of redemptive adventure we like.

This week we received all the contracts from our adoption agency and the first bill for a large payment. We have to find all sorts of documents and I have to explain that one time I was arrested in college… Then we use our very affordable signatures to make things official.

Next comes the payment. We have been planning for a little while but we are not rich people, at least by American standards, so this part takes a bit more faith. But here is the thing, God has always provided for us and I don’t expect he will stop now. He has been faithful to care for us as he has called us to step out on faith over and over again.

Maybe today this can be a reminder to you of God’s faithfulness. First and most importantly he was faithful when we were faithless, to send his son to live obediently and die in our place. To invite us into his family by adoption and give us his Spirit so we might cry our Abba Father.

Then he promises to give us all that we need for life and godliness. Each and everything. In Christ he gives us all things. Not the things we don’t need. But the life-giving sort of provision. Provision that makes much of Jesus and gives us peace.

As we work through the contracts, and pay out the cash, it is this peace that is our anchor. We invite you to get in on it too.


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