A Week of Ups & Downs

1 week into our adoption process and we have already come across a few challenges.

The major issue was that for the past year we have been part of a Christian medical share program rather than typical insurance. But thankfully our adoption agency pointed out that this would not be sufficient for our adopted child because they don’t cover any preexisting conditions even for adopted children, which we know she will have in some form. So we have been busily working to figure out what coverage would be best for our current and future family.

Plus, we had to figure out life insurance and fill out a few additional forms.

Through these first setbacks, I am even more thankful for my husband. He spent hours in front of the computer and on the phone this week trying to figure this out. He is set on getting our girl home as soon as possible and will do whatever it takes to keep things rolling.

So, God has redeemed this frustrating situation and I know He is working all this together for His glory. There will be times ahead that are far more frustrating than this and, by His grace, we will approach each one of them as a team with patience, perseverance and grace.

We are grateful to be back on track and moving forward again! Keep praying!


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