Anticipating the Joys and Sorrows

Next week we will finally be into October and ready to begin this adoption process!!! I am so excited!

But I’m also not naive to think we will be the lucky one to have a perfect and smooth adoption. And I’m not fooled into thinking we will be the one to get the perfect child with no issues adjusting whatsoever.

I have been incredibly blessed to have friends that have walked this adoption road before us. I have witnessed their tears of joy and sorrow. I have seen some come through the struggle of too much waiting and jumping through hoops. And the heart break of parents who’s kids cannot connect with them. I see them in the daily struggle.

But I also see them in the small victories won every day.

I’m honored and privileged to walk with them through it all. To hold their hands up in prayer when they are too weak. To laugh and cry, to celebrate and mourn alongside my brothers and sisters.

That’s what the body of Christ is for. & I am praying that there will be an army around us that will do the same when the time comes.

Today I’m praying specifically for 2 families that are in the trenches of their adoption story. Even though you may not know them, I hope you can pray with me for them. To protect their privacy I will call them the W Family and the A Family. If you think about them, will you just say a prayer for them and the precious child they are trying to love and care for?


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