Be a piece of the puzzle

FullSizeRender (2)We cannot move forward in this adoption process without the prayers and support of our friends and family. We need you at every step in the process.

It’s kind of like a puzzle. There are many FullSizeRenderpieces that have to fit together to make this beautiful picture. And the more hands we have the easier it will be.
So we have a fun ways you can help… A tangible way you can be part of the puzzle

FullSizeRender (3)Here’s how it works… For $5 per piece, you can sponsor a piece of this very cute adoption puzzle. We will write your name on the back of your piece(s) and add it to the puzzle. Once all of the pieces have sponsors, we’ll glue them together and frame it. We want this little girl to be able to see the people who loved and prayed for her before she was even here.

There are 252 pieces that need sponsors! Want a piece… or 5? Contact us (link on the right side of this page) to get our address and send money via mail or click the “donate” button (also on the left) to pay via PayPal.

To see more ways you can help check out the “How you can help” page. We can’t thank you enough!


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