Why now?

Since we were married less than 8 years ago we have moved 7 times. We have lived in DC, Oregon, Washington and California. We have gone from DINKs (duel income no kids) to unemployed students to single income duel kids. It has been a whirlwind to say the least. Starting an adoption process in the middle of all that would have been impossible.

We have been in California less than a year, but we finally feel like we have found HOME. Jonathan always says that he wants to be in this church, pastoring these people for the next 40 years. Lord willing, we will! We are as settled as we have ever been.

I mean… our lives are fairly uncomplicated right now so we thought we needed to give ourselves a challenge… nah! We feel like the Lord is encouraging us to step out now.

In the story of Esther we see that God placed her in just the right place at just the right time, “for such a time as this”. Sure, we aren’t saving a nation here, but we are hoping to save one little girl… our little girl. That perfect little girl for our family.

So, why now? Because she is waiting for her forever family.


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